Mar, 28 / 2014

Bluestar Cooking Ranges And Central Ohio Appliance Repair Unite

Central Ohio Appliance Repair has been awarded the distinction of becoming the factory warranty service representative for Bluestar Cooking Ranges, both electric ranges and gas ranges.

Experience the incomparable power of bluestar

Handcrafted in Reading, Pennsylvania, BlueStar cooking products are designed for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens. Our commitment to precision in form and function is why many top chefs consider BlueStar to be the world’s top-performing residential cooking equipment.

Built with the highest-quality materials and distinctive workmanship that comes from 130 years expertise, BlueStar turns up the heat on home cooking with a fully customizable line to suit the specific cooking needs of the accomplished home chef. Available in a painter’s palette of colors, and with near infinite configuration possibilities, BlueStar premium cooking products deliver restaurant magic to the home kitchen.

For all warranty related repairs please call BlueStar Customer Service at (800) 449-8691 prior to contacting a service company or your dealer or go to the Bluestar Service web page.