Dublin Ohio

Appliance Repair In Dublin Ohio

At Central Ohio Appliance repair we take great pride in our work for you and your neighbors in Dublin, Ohio. We have trained appliance service technicians that cover different regions of Columbus and the surrounding suburbs, and Dublin falls into our North region.

When an everyday household appliance gets sidelined, we understand the paramount demand to swiftly get it back in action. Our experienced repair team is trained to serve you quickly and get your refrigerator, dryer, washer or other appliance up to speed and back in the game. Central Ohio Appliance Repair is well-versed in all major name brands, including General Electric, Maytag, Whirlpool, Bluestar, KitchenAid and many others. We have been adding new names and appliances to our catalog of repair services since 1975!

For Dublin appliance repair service call:
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Refrigerator Repair in Dublin Ohio

When a refrigerator begins to fail, there is more than just the cost of the appliance to consider. The food in the refrigerator and the freezer can account for many hundreds of dollars, which always makes refrigerator repair a high priority for us.

Common Symptoms:

  • Food not staying cool
  • Food thawing and not staying frozen in the Freezer
  • Thermostat not turning or affecting the temperature
  • Strange or loud noises coming from the refrigerator when it turns on
  • The refrigerator keeps tripping the circuit breaker
  • Strange electrical burning smell

Be certain to inform our technicians of the symptoms you are experiencing with your refrigerator or freezer when you call.

Washing Machine Repair in Dublin Ohio

Water and electricity are a very dangerous and sometimes lethal combination. Always call a professional technician immediately for washing machine repair if you start to see symptoms of your machine not working properly.

Washing machine repair requires knowledge of both mechanical and electrical expertise to address common problems such as:

  • Wash cycle, rinse cycle, spin cycle not completing
  • Excess water in the machine when it has completed
  • Clothes are still soapy when it has completed
  • Hot water or cold water not working
  • Washing machine tub stops spinning
  • The washing machine trips a breaker every time it is turned on
  • Nothing turns on at all
  • The washing machine makes loud or strange noises
  • Water flooding the floor

With the expense of potential damage from flooding, clothing, and high replacement cost of the unit, it is important to call an appliance service technician with the experience to repair your washing machine as soon as you see signs that it is not working properly.

Dryer repair in Dublin Ohio

Much like washing machine repair, dryer repair also requires mechanical and electrical knowledge and experience. Common issues include:

  • Clothes taking too long to dry
  • The dryer isn’t getting hot enough or hot at all
  • The dryer does not spin
  • The timer does not work properly
  • The clothes dryer trips a breaker every time it is turned on
  • There seems to be no power at all

Recent technology and options have been added to appliances to improve features and convenience. Many such features rely on electronics that can fail and simply need to be replaced when the appliance is serviced. Often, dryer repair consists of belt replacement or cleaning out filters and vents for optimum operation. Our service technicians are trained to quickly diagnose and repair your clothes dryer so that it runs the way it should.

Other appliance repair service

At Central Ohio Appliance Repair, our appliance repair services include:

  • Refrigerator Repair
  • Washing Machine Repair
  • Dryer Repair
  • Freezer Repair
  • Icemaker Repair
  • Dishwasher Repair
  • Oven Repair
  • Stove Repair
  • Range Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

We have experience and training to service all major brands of appliances, and the expertise to fix them properly.

When to repair appliances vs. replacement

While it may seem to be common sense, we offer services with a motto of “If it is less expensive to repair, then don’t replace it!” However, in the rare circumstance that repair exceeds the cost of a new machine, we will always do our best to inform you and break the news gently.