Maintenance Packages

Appliance Maintenance Program

Package Pricing

You have several options in the maintenance of your appliances. You can choose from one of the packages (Platinum, Gold or Silver), or individually by the appliance as listed below.

You can also determine how often you would like maintenance of your appliances. Every 3 Months, 6 Months or Annually.

If you need a maintenance plan for your High-End Appliances such as, Sub-Zero Refrigerators, Viking or Wolf Ranges, Fisher & Paykel Double Draw Dishwasher or any other brand or appliance, Contact our office and we will work out a Special Maintenance Program for you.

Our home appliances are part of our everyday life. Providing anything from taking preserved food from your refrigerator and cooking it on your range. To the washer and dryer, making sure you have clean clothes for the next day. While your dishwasher cleans the dinner dishes while you relax for the evening.

Our appliances certainly make life easier for us, but they need maintenance from time to time to make sure they are always ready when we need them.

That’s why Central Ohio Appliance Repair Inc. has developed our “Appliance Maintenance Program”. Our Appliance Maintenance Program ensures that your appliances stay well maintained and always ready when you need them.

DRYER $249.95

Complete Inspection:
With this package includes a complete inspection of your Dryer. From the Dryers overall operation, to the Dryers Temperature Range, Dryer Drum Belt Condition, the Dryer Drum Rollers and Supports and Drum Idler Belt Pulley condition.
Temperature Check:
Our technician will make sure your dryer is operation within the recommended factory Dryer Temperature Range
Dryer Belt Replacement:
Dryer Drum Belts get old and brittle over time, causing them to snap in half. When this happens your Dryer Drum will not rotate, and clothes will not dry properly or the Dryer may not even run. Our technician will Replace Your Old Dryer Belt with a new manufactures Replacement Dryer Belt.
Inside Dryer Cabinet Cleaning:
THIS IS A MUST! Dryer Lint Build Up inside of your Dryer is the most common cause of Dryer Fires! Our Technician will take your Dryer fully apart and clean and remove all of the Hazardous Dryer Lint Build Up Inside Your Dryer.
Dryer Vent Hose Replacement Where Accessiable:
We will remove and install a new Dryer Vent Hose(where accessible) with a New Dryer Vent Hose. This will prolong the life of your Dyer, and help reduce the possibility of a Dryer Vent Fire.
Dryer Maintenance Kit (Pricing Is Separate):
The Dryer Maintenance Kit includes the replacement of the Dryer Drum Rollers, Idler Pulley, and Drum Belt.

WASHER $249.95

Complete Inspection:
Our technician will do a complete inspection of your washer from the actual operation of the Washer, Water Supply Lines, the Washer Door Seal, drive belt and the Washer Drain Pump.
Drive Belt Replacement If Applicable:
Most washers have a Washer Drive Belt that over time becomes worn and cracked. A Worn or Cracked Washer Drive Belt can cause issues such as a Washer Not Spinning Out Well or a Washer Not Agitating Properly.Replacement of the Washer Drive Belt will ensure proper Washer Spinning out the Water and Washer Agitation.
Drain Pump Filter Cleaning If Accessiable Or Applical:
Washers, especially Front Loading Washer Drain Pumps are accessible from the front of the washer. After a while the Washer Drain Pump Filter will become filled with lint often or other loose items in the laundry.Cleaning out the Washer Drain Pump will prolong the Washer Drain Pumps’ life while ensuring a full drain of the Washer Tub soap and water.
Washer Tub Cleaning:
Over time your washer will build up soap scum and other residues between your Washer Inner and Outer Tub, which can cause unwanted smell and odor. We will run a cycle in your washer with “AFFRESH” which removes odor-causing residues and grime inside your Washers Drain Pump, Water Valve Assembly, Tub, Drum, Agitator, Drain Pump Filter and Drain Hoses.
Water Supply Hose Replacement:
Washer Water Supply Hoses can cause extreme water damage to your home if not maintained. Over time the Washer Supply Hoses can become bridal and bust. This is just like turning your garden hose on in your house. We will replace you Washer Hoses with new Steel Braided Water Supply Hoses for your Washer.


Excludes high-end items* for high-end appliances pricing may vary.


Complete Inspection:

Your home Refrigerator has a lot of functions to perform to keep all of your food cold or frozen. Our Technician will inspect of these components including; the Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor, Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor, the Refrigerators Defrost System, Refrigerator Door Gasket Condition, as well as check for the Proper Refrigerator Temperature and Freezer Temperature

Coil Cleaning:
The Refrigerator Condenser Coils are a must to keep clean, if the Condenser Coils become restricted with lint, dust or other debris, air cannot flow across them and remove heat necessary for cooling the Refrigerators Compressor.
Door Gasket Inspection:
Refrigerator Door Gaskets are very important to the longevity of your Refrigerators Life. If the Refrigerator Door Gaskets Do Not Seal well or are torn, then outside Ambient Air will infiltrate into your Refrigerator or Freezer making it more difficult for the Refrigerators Compressor to maintain the proper temperatures and wearing out the Compressor earlier than normal.
Water Filter Replacement If Applicale:
Most Refrigerators these days have built in Refrigerator Water Filters that help purify your drinking water. Although, these Water Filters over time become dirty and restricted, and should be replaced every 6 months.
Air Filter Replacemnet:
Just like the Refrigerator Water Filter, most newer Refrigerators now have Refrigerator Air Filters. Refrigerator Air Filters specialize in removing acidic and other foul odors from your refrigerator. Over time the Refrigerator Air Filter can become restricted and lose its effectiveness. The Refrigerator Air Filter Should be replaced every 6 months.


Complete Inspection:
Our Technician will completely inspect your Dishwashers Operation. The Technician will inspect the Dishwasher Spray Arms, Dishwasher Racks and Rails to the Dishwasher Water Temperature. Your Dishwasher plays a vital role in your family’s health and savings. Dishwashers provide the ability to remove most all food partials and germs.Dishwashers wash your dishes and silverware with extremely hot water that will Sterilize Your Dishes, removing any germs. In addition, Dishwashers Save on your Water Bill since all your dishes can be washed at once.
Door Gasket Replacement:
Dishwasher Door Gaskets over time become torn and leak as well as coated with Soap Scum and other elements. Our Technician will remove the old gaskets and install New Dishwasher Gaskets insuring a proper seal preventing any water leakage.
Sump And Filter Cleaning:
Most all Dishwashers have a Dishwasher Sump and Filter Assembly. The Dishwasher Sump and Filter Assembly is designed to catch any remaining food partials left on the dishes or other debris. Our Technician will remove the Sump and Filter Assembly and clean it out thoroughly.
Run Cleaning Agent Through Dishwasher:
As with Washers, Dishwashers need a Dishwasher Cleaning Agent run through it on a regular basis as well. We will run a full cycle of Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner through you Dishwasher.
Check Heating Element:
One of the most common issues with Dishwashers is the Dishwasher Heating Element. This element is like an Oven Bake Element in your Range. Our technician will inspect the Dishwasher Heating Element for any cracks or damage.


Complete Inspection:
Our Technician will inspect the Range Burners, Oven Bake Element or Oven Gas Igniter, Oven Door Gaskets and the Oven Convection Fan if it has one.
Oven Temperature Check:
We’ll check your Oven temperature to make sure it is accurate to the Oven Temperature Setting.
Calibrate Temperatures If Needed:
Should the Oven Temperature Is Not Correct, and all parts are working, Our Technician will make sure that the Oven Temperature Calibration is Set correctly.
Gas Range Oven Ignitor Or Electric Range Bake Element Replacement ($274.95 Most Models Pricing Is Separate).
Should your Range need a Electric Bake Element or Gas Oven Igniter Replaced, Our Technician can replace the part needed.


Complete Inspection And Cleaning:
Garbage Disposals are strong workhorses of the kitchen. They handle the disposal of a lot of waste, usually without any maintenance consideration. Our Technician inspect all of the Garbage Disposal Plumbing Connections, Electrical Connections as well as clean the Garbage Disposal with Affresh Disposal Cleaner.
Run Cleaning Agent Through Garbage Disposal:
As with Washers and Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals need a Cleaning Agent ran through them on a regular basis as well. We will run a full cycle of Affresh Garbage Disposal Cleaner through you Garbage Disposal during our complete inspection.